Komplexly Simple
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My name is Sol K. and I am professional graphic designer. My main goal as a graphic designer is to simplify abstract ideas into eye-catching designs to facilitate communication between people. Graphics are powerful tools to convey concepts to a target audience, so it is very important to me to be able to grasp the essence of projects in an attempt to simplify them to their core.

Ever since I was a kid, I was in love with the idea of creating something universal. Growing up as a polyglot made it difficult to communicate at times. Between trying to translate words from one language to another mid-conversation to trying to express myself in words, I found it much easier and much more efficient to draw the way I felt to communicate with my peers.

Graphic Design is a field that has always fascinated me - it’s all about functionality and optimising communication over aesthetics. We live in an era in which everything revolves around communication, so the idea that I can create influential visuals has always been exciting to me.

I am a firm believer of proper communication between entities, so I focus on ways to relay information in the most simple and honest way as I can. I try to apply this philosophy in my work by creating minimalistic and simple designs. Minimalism and simplicity can be complex to conceptualise – hence the name Komplexly Simple.

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